On 1/15/2014 4:03 PM, LizR wrote:
By the way, I may have this wrong but it seems to me your "hyperdeterminism" objection is an objection to block universes generally. I can't see how the big crunch (or timelike infinity) being a boundary condition on the universe is a problem in a block universe (or multiverse) ...?

I think Bruno is thinking of a tree-like branching "block multiverse" so there can still be FPI due to the branches. Otherwise definite, random things have to happen in realizing the block universe - and Bruno hates random things and he likes infinities, so... But you should read L.S. Schulman's solution to the problem of randomness. He speculates that within the domain of a state we can prepare, which is of measure hbar=/=0, there are special states which are causally connected to *future* states and when we choose a measurement in the future we are selecting out one of these "special states".


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