Here's one more theory from the many in my book on Reality:

As Misner, Thorne and Wheeler note briefly in their book on Gravitation, 
INTERgalactic space is continually expanding with the Hubble expansion, 
however INTRAgalactic space is NOT expanding because it is gravitationally 

Now the obvious effect of this (as I'm the first to have pointed out so far 
as I know) is that space will necessarily be warped at the boundaries of 
galaxies, and as is well know from GR any curvature of space produces 
gravitational effects, and of course dark matter halos around the EDGES of 
galaxies were invented to explain the otherwise unexplained extra 
gravitational effects on the rotation of galaxies. 

Thus, this simple effect of space warps around the boundaries of galaxies 
caused by the Hubble expansion may be the explanation for the dark matter 

It may or may not be the cause of the entire effect, but it certainly must 
be having SOME effect, and over the lifetime of the universe one would 
expect that warping effect to be quite large. 

And there is nothing to prevent these warps, once they are created, to have 
a life and movement of their own, as we now know that dark matter is not 
just concentrated around galactic halos but may indicate where they used to 

I'd be interested to see if anyone else sees how this effect might explain 
dark matter...


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