On Sun, Jan 06, 2019 at 10:10:23AM -0600, Jason Resch wrote:
> I am trying to make a list of what properties are comparable between two
> universes and which properties are incomparable. I think this has applications
> regarding what knowledge can be extracted via simulation of (from one's POV)
> other abstract realities and worlds (which may be actual from someone else's
> point of view).
> So far this is what I have, but would appreciate other's insights/corrections:
> Incomparable properties:
>   • Sizes (e.g., how big is something in another universe, is a galaxy in that
>     universe bigger or smaller than a planet in our universe?)
>   • Distances (what possible meaning could a meter have in that other
>     universe?)
>   • Strength of forces (we could say how particles are affected by these 
> forces
>     in their universe, but not how they would translate if applied to our own)
>   • Time (how long it takes for anything to happen in that other universe)
>   • Age (when it began, how long the universe has existed)
>   • Speeds (given neither distance nor time is comparable)
>   • Present (what the present time is in the other universe)
>   • Position (it has no relative position, or location relative to our own
>     universe)
> Comparable properties:
>   • Information content (how many bits are needed to describe state)
>   • Computational complexity (how many operations need to be computed to
>     advance)
>   • Dimensionality of its objects (e.g. spacetime, strings, etc.)
>   • Entropy
>   • Plankian/discrete units (e.g. in terms of smallest physically meaningful
>     units)
> Unsure:
>   • Mass? (given forces are not comparable, but also related to energy)
>   • Energy (given its relation to both entropy and mass)

I would stick with dimensionless constants - eg alpha may vary between
universes. Information is a good example of a dimensionless value too.


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