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What do you make of this? Others have referred me to the Rubin
I have looked at it, and remain unimpressed. He claims that
theorem is avoided because the counterfactual reasoning that leads
it is not required and cannot be justified."  This is nonsense.
theorem does not require counterfactual reasoning, and the
by Aspect and others only record the results of measurements that
actually made-- there is no reference to measurements that were
performed at other angles. Measurements that are not performed
have no

The conclusion that local hidden variables are rules out does depend
an argument about  what would have happened had different polarizer
setting been used than the ones that were actually used.

That is false. Where in the Aspect experiments is reference made to
non-performed measurements?

It's in the argument that local hidden variable theories must satisfy Bell's inequalities.

I don't see any use of counterfactual definiteness in that argument?


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