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> On 21-04-2022 14:13, Bruce Kellett wrote:
> >
> > As has been pointed out by others, superpositions are ubiquitous. It
> > is only superpositions of the basis vectors of pointer states that are
> > relevant. Pointer states are those that are robust under environmental
> > decoherence. Once you trace over the unobserved environmental degrees
> > of freedom, the superposition is gone, and the worlds no longer
> > interfere -- there is no macro-superposition.
> >
> While that's how we do computations in practice, superpositions of
> observers having made different observations will continue to exist.
> That one can trace out the unobserved environmental degrees of freedom
> does not cause the superposition to vanish.

So what? That is what FAPP is for: there is no practical purpose in
continuing to insist that the superposition exists.

> So what does she branch due to? Of course Alice is subject to
> > decoherence as much as anyone else.
> The information content describing what she is aware of can be factored
> out of the superposition.

In which case it is entirely useless. Physics does not exist to satisfy
your metaphysical urges.....

The many minds interpretation of MWI has been abandoned for very good
reasons. It actually makes no sense, and cannot be derived from the
Schrodinger equation or any other dynamical theory. It was introduced by
Albert and Loewer in an attempt to make sense of probabilities in MWI. It
failed in that attempt, and we now know that MWI is inconsistent with any
sensible interpretation of probability; strict MWI is inconsistent with the
Born rule.


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