On Friday, April 22, 2022 at 1:54:36 AM UTC+3 Bruce wrote:

we now know that MWI is inconsistent with any sensible interpretation of 
> probability; strict MWI is inconsistent with the Born rule.

Dittos!!! At least, mostly.

What do you mean "we now know"? Any citations, pretty please?

I gather that by "strict MWI" you mean without FAPP. I argue that since we 
regard QM-without-collapse as a workable theory, we have to introduce FAPP 
(more precisely, moral certainty regarding a given purpose) and 
consequently the Born Rule.

In another thread I insist that we must swallow the pill of no-probability 
for single outcomes, and build a decision theory on that. (Yes, we can!) 
>From QM we obtain only the Born Rule for large enough samples.

George K.

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