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*> I had this conservation with GPT-4 on aspects of black hole quantum 
mechanics. I kept it largely non-mathematical. This is interesting, and it 
suggests a level of processing that is complex. An AI system was fed 
ephemeris data on the appearance of the sun, moon and planets in the sky 
and it deduced Kepler's laws. Holy Sh*t Batman --- the world is changing.*

Holy Singularity Batman, you're right! I think we can safely say that the 
Turing Test has been passed. If you had this online conversation 10 years 
ago would you have had any doubt that you were communicating with a human 
being?  And to think, some very silly people still maintain that GPT-4 is 
nothing but a glorified autocomplete program that just uses statistics to 
compute what the next word in a sentence most probably is. Any rational 
person who held that view and then read your conversation with GPT-4 would 
change their opinion of it, but some people are not rational and they will 
continue to whistle past the graveyard.

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I have gone way beyond this. I have also found a couple of errors that GPT 
made. It is fairly remarkable though, and it is curious as to where this 
can go. Supposedly GPT-5 will be here by year's end.

As for GPT-4 being sentient I am actually rather agnostic on that.


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