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> I* have found 2 mistakes it* [GPT-4] *has made. It has caught me on a few
> errors as well.*

To me that sounds like very impressive performance. If you were working
with a human colleague who did the same thing would you hesitate in saying
he was exhibiting some degree of intelligence?

* > It is a very good emulator of intelligence.*

What's the difference between being intelligent and emulating intelligence?  It
must be more than the degree of squishiness of the brain.

> *> It also is proving to be a decent first check on my work. It might be
> said it passes some criterion for Turing tests, though I have often thought
> this idea was old fashioned in a way. *

Well, it is old I'll grant you that. Turing didn't invent the "Turing
Test", he just pointed out something that was ancient, that we use
everyday, and was so accepted and ubiquitous that nobody had given it much
thought before. I'm sure you, just like everybody else, has at one time or
another in your life encountered people who you consider to be brilliant
and people who you consider to be stupid, when making your determination,
if you did not use the Turing Test (which is basically just observing
behavior and judging if it's intelligent ) what method did you use ? How in
the world can you judge if something is intelligent or not except by
observing if it does anything intelligent?

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