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>> Einstein thought he had proven that quantum mechanics* must *be
>> incomplete because nature just couldn't be that ridiculous. But it turned
>> out nature *could* be that ridiculous. The moral of the story is that
>> being ridiculous is not necessarily the same thing as being wrong.
> *> Nevertheless, being ridiculous is no indication that an idea is
> correct. Evidence matters, and there is no evidence that the multiverse of
> Everett has anything to do with cosmology. In fact, there is no direct
> evidence that the quantum multiverse even exists.*

There is plenty of direct evidence that quantum weirdness exists, even the
father of the Copenhagen Interpretation Niels Bohr admitted that "*Anyone
who is not shocked by Quantum theory does not understand it *". Something
must be behind all that strangeness and whatever it is it must be odd, very
very odd. Yes, many world's idea is ridiculous, but is it ridiculous enough
to be true? If it's not then something even more ridiculous is. As for the
Copenhagen interpretation, I don't think it's ridiculous, I think it's
incoherent, and if you ask 10 adherents what it's saying you'll get 12
completely different answers, but they all boil down to "*just give up,
don't even try to figure out what's going on*". But I think one must try.

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