On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 16:48 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy wrote:
> > >   Md5-utils.ch are not the only files that are duplicated. Most of the
> > > files in evolution/e-util have similar copies in
> > > evolution-data-server/libedataserver.
> Thanks Ross :-). That really gets us moving to the next step.
> Shreyas had taken the cause up [http://go-evolution.org/Evo2.6#Misc]
> early during the cycle and IIRC, had started doing something on it too. 
> Shreyas ?

Oh well, i had started doing something about it but it would entail 
moving most of the duplicate code out of e-util. This ofcourse would 
mean that most of the current e-util dependencies would then also
depend on libedataserver. We never reached a consensus on whether thats
a valid thing to do. If we can have consensus on that then doing it is
just massive sed-awk operation. Ofcourse, a lot of those code werent in 
sync either when i last checked. We need to figure out if we need to 
make a new gal out of libedataserver. It needs to have stuff which most of 
evolution and e-d-s can link to.

When we get around to doing unified account management then this might be 
of great help if most of the desired structures are in libedataserver.
So i am waiting for a somebody to validate my line of reasoning here.


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