On Fri, 2005-11-25 at 23:49 +0530, Shreyas Sriniavasan wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 16:48 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy wrote:
> > > >         Md5-utils.ch are not the only files that are duplicated. Most 
> > > > of the
> > > > files in evolution/e-util have similar copies in
> > > > evolution-data-server/libedataserver.
> > Thanks Ross :-). That really gets us moving to the next step.
> > 
> > Shreyas had taken the cause up [http://go-evolution.org/Evo2.6#Misc]
> > early during the cycle and IIRC, had started doing something on it too. 
> > Shreyas ?
> Oh well, i had started doing something about it but it would entail 
> moving most of the duplicate code out of e-util. This ofcourse would 
> mean that most of the current e-util dependencies would then also
> depend on libedataserver. We never reached a consensus on whether thats
> a valid thing to do. If we can have consensus on that then doing it is
> just massive sed-awk operation. Ofcourse, a lot of those code werent in 
> sync either when i last checked. We need to figure out if we need to 
> make a new gal out of libedataserver. It needs to have stuff which most of 
> evolution and e-d-s can link to.

As evolution obviously depends on libedataserver already, surely for the
files which are identical there is no problem at all?  That leaves the
files which have the same name yet are different (e-account, e-util) to
be merged somehow, and then e-util can become a place for purely
Evolution utility functions.

http://live.gnome.org/EvolutionEUtilDieDieDie summarises the status for
each of the files in e-util/.

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