Le jeudi 31 mai 2007 à 07:19 +0000, Srinivasa Ragavan a écrit :

> > Last point is, why is the mail view headers fixed (like not look like
> > buttons) in 2.10 and not the other views as well (memos, calendars,
> > contacts)
> In few themes, Ive seen that it looks like a table header, but not in
> all themes. If you have seen this 2.10, may be with a right theme. Im
> sure that this should be fixable in widgets/table. I don't think it
> would right to fix all the other themes for this.

Well, speaking with my theme writer hat on, I'm forced to do some
matching on ETable class name and so on to get a consistent rendering,
compared to TreeView. 

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