Le jeudi 31 mai 2007 à 07:19 +0000, Srinivasa Ragavan a écrit :
> On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 00:17 +0200, Gilles Dartiguelongue wrote:> 
> > First thing that hit me was that it didn't use GtkTreeView and that it
> > doesn't understand _ markup. 
> I think that can be moved to GtkTreeView and shouldn't have a issue.
> Patches are welcome :).
I'll fill a bug and work on a patch.

> It is not that, it doesn't understand markup. The '_' is there to
> provide key accelerator in visible UI items, and it isn't stripped of at
> those places. I don't think that '_' makes any sense in the table/row.
Yep, that's what I meant

> > I know evolution has its own ETable widget
> > and that it does thing that evolution needs and gtk+ doesn't provide but
> > why use this widget here ?
> It is that, we have moved to GtkTreeView to in lots of places and we
> have list of places where we want to move and don't want to move.
> Message list is a place where we don't want to move.
The why was refering to the "Customize View" dialog, not the message view. But 
see next point.

> > 
> > The second thing is the "Edit" button. It is not the same as everywhere
> > I looked in the preferences window, this is bad.
> This can be fixed. 
Will fill a bug an provide a patch unless somebody is quicker than me :)
> > 
> > Last point is, why is the mail view headers fixed (like not look like
> > buttons) in 2.10 and not the other views as well (memos, calendars,
> > contacts)
> In few themes, Ive seen that it looks like a table header, but not in
> all themes. If you have seen this 2.10, may be with a right theme. Im
> sure that this should be fixable in widgets/table. I don't think it
> would right to fix all the other themes for this.

I've seen that too, but the point was more: "Why are the message view
headers looking different than every other ETable I can see in
evolution ?". I've looked at different themes and it was always
different. I'm not an expert in GtkWidget hacking but can't we "inherit"
some properties from regular list headers ?
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