Hi all;

This seemed useful to some people last time, so I'm doing it again now.
I've been using Evolution from SVN for a few months now tracking the
latest changes and overall I've been REALLY happy: so many things are
much better, especially with Exchange integration, than in 2.10 or any
previous release.  Applause and cheers for everyone's hard work over the
last 6 months!!

However, there are still some issues.  I hope now is a good time to
point them out so maybe we can concentrate on these for 2.12.1 or
2.12.2.  Others might have a different list of issues, but these are
mine (links to bugzilla entries).  I've updated the bugzilla entries
with the latest info I have.

As I said, I'm building Evo and all components (libsoup, gtkhtml, e-d-s,
evo, evo-exchange, evo-webcal) locally with debugging enabled and
running them with full logging, each instance in its own directory.  I
stand ready and willing to help anyone who wants to, to work on these
issues!  I've tried to order them in order of precedence (how much I
want them fixed), most pain to lesser pain.

478404: Composer stops completing addresses if you come back to the To:

        This one just seemed to pop up within the last month or so but
        it's REALLY annoying.  Hopefully it's a simple fix, because it
        really impacts me a lot.

478151: I lose the ability to see older messages in my Exchange inbox

        This still happens sometimes.  The only way to solve it, once it
        happens, is to delete the ~/.evolution/exchange and
        ~/.evolution/mail/exchange folders (actually deleting one might
        be sufficient; I've never tried to see).  As described in the
        bug, I was given a patch back in August or so and I've been
        using that patch ever since.  The incidence of this seems to
        have gone down a bit, BUT it definitely still happens.

442098: Folder list shows I have new Exchange mail, but it doesn't
appear in the summary

        This one is really annoying, as it happens all the time.  In
        order to fix it, I have to restart Evolution.  It used to happen
        regularly if I visited my local inbox, then went back to the
        Exchange inbox.  Now it seems to be harder to trigger but still
        relatively common.  I think now that it happens when I visit my
        local Junk folder.

478090: Tried to create a meeting on the Exchange server, and Evo
crashed when adding an address

        This is a big one for me, because I need to schedule meetings
        through this mailing list.  Because of this problem I have to
        create my meetings through Exchange webmail rather than
        Evolution!  Luckily (in all senses of the word) I don't have to
        create meetings very often.

436615: Attendees are deleted from Exchange meetings

        If I create a meeting and save it, then go back to edit it and
        click on the "Attendees" button to get the dialog for adding new
        attendees, then save that, all my previously existing attendees
        disappear.  This happens every time.  This is a really bad bug
        in that you lose data; however you can avoid it by not using the
        "Attendees" dialog but instead entering new attendees directly
        into the meeting list (with the "Add" button).

478439: Contact lookups for GAL never return

        I think this has been around for a while but I never bothered to
        report it until now.  I don't run into this that much but it's a
        pain when I need to look up someone.

478090: Meeting acceptances for attendees who weren't listed are lost

        This isn't a huge deal, but it's pretty annoying.

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