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> Hi all;


> 478151: I lose the ability to see older messages in my Exchange inbox

This happened to me yesterday with 2.11.90! Restarting Evolution still
wouldn't let me see any messages at all in my Exchange INBOX and would
sometimes crash evolution-exchange-storage. Deleting
fixed the problem. I think, although I can't be sure, that it happened
after restarting Evolution because of the bug bug below:

> 442098: Folder list shows I have new Exchange mail, but it doesn't
> appear in the summary

This one has been happening to me since 2.8 but has mostly been fixed
since I downloaded the 2.10 and 2.11 source and compiled my own rather
than use the Fedora Core 6 package. However I can still make it happen
every single time if I visit my "Unread Mail" search folder. "Unread
Mail" searches two IMAP inboxes and one Exchange inbox for any messages
received within 1 week or is not Read. I've given up using it and just
read the mail in the real mailboxes now. Even removing the Exchange
inbox from the search and just having the two IMAP inboxes still causes
new mail in the Exchange inbox to not appear.

Paul, thanks for the Subversion Makefile thingy. I've had a go running
it on my Fedora Core 6 box and after a little bit of fiddling I've
nearly got it to work. I just need to install a newer version of
intltool (the FC6 supplied version is too old) and hopefully I'll get it
to build.

The only change I had to make to the Makefile to get it to work was on
line 271. I had to change:

 $V pkg='$*'; $(SVN) checkout '$(SVNPKGURL)' "$$pkg"


 $V pkg='$*'; $(SVN) checkout "$(SVNPKGURL)" "$$pkg"

The single quotes around $(SVNPKGURL) meant that the contents of that
variable were being quoted literally in the shell so the $pkg shell
variable was not being expanded.


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