Google seem to be in the process of introducing IMAP support to GMail
[1]. Personally I think GMail offers an extremely attractive email
solution by now. Evolution does already support integration with GMail
via SMTP and POP, and now also via IMAP. In addition to following the
IMAP standards as closely as possible, I think we should do explicit
QA on Evolution-GMail IMAP integration, to make sure our users'
experience is as good as possible. One of the slashdot comments has
already commented that Outlook works better with GMail IMAP than
Evolution. That should change!

I've only used tested Evolution-GMail IMAP for a few minutes so far,
but already found a minor issue: I'm not able to prevent sent mail
from being stored. SMTP through GMail saves sent mails automatically.

First of all, I'll recommend everyone to try out GMail IMAP, and then
I hope some initiative will be taken to QA this integration.


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