On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 12:49 +0100, Artur Mücke wrote:
> > I presume its using Webdav to write to the calendar file.  
> Yes, your presumption is right because it is using WebDAV but I thought
> Evolution is doing the same, isnt it?

No, Evolution uses plain HTTP.

> > There are many problems with this approach including locking, concurrent 
> > writes,
> > and notification of changes.  However if you are the only person using
> > the remote calendar, it would work.
> I dont know about that yet but I dont hope there are gonna be such
> problems because there will be more than 50 users using the OpenXchange
> server.
> You scared me a bit with your statement. :-/

Unless there are extensions I'm not aware of, that sounds like its going
to break.  If both User A and User B edit the calendar, they will race
to write the changes.  The second person to write will replace the first
person's changes.

> However, we can outline that its definitely not possible to use WebDAV
> with Evoltion for writing/deleting appointsments if there is no support
> for CalDAV in OpenXchange!?

Evolution doesn't support using webdav for interactive editing of
calendars.  I think you can sync a calendar remotely using webdav, or
use caldav.

> Btw, thats really strange. What happenend to the project started in
> October 2005:
> http://www.open-xchange.org/pipermail/devel/2005-October/012704.html
> I cannot find any result from this project!?

Ah, their webdav custom interface doesn't involve downloading and
uploading entire ical files.  This would need support in Evolution, and
I've no idea if there has been any progress.

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