Ross Burton schrieb:
> On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 12:23 +0100, Artur Mücke wrote:
>> Hmm, I dont know exactly about that, but e.g. in KDE-kontact I can use
>> my  web-calendar like I want to. If I set it up with the same settings
>> like in Evolution (https://IP-Address/servlet/webdav.ical). Its possible
>> to create and delete appointsments in kontact without a problem.
>> How can that be!? I am really confused about that?
> I presume its using Webdav to write to the calendar file.  

Yes, your presumption is right because it is using WebDAV but I thought
Evolution is doing the same, isnt it?

> There are many problems with this approach including locking, concurrent 
> writes,
> and notification of changes.  However if you are the only person using
> the remote calendar, it would work.

I dont know about that yet but I dont hope there are gonna be such
problems because there will be more than 50 users using the OpenXchange

You scared me a bit with your statement. :-/

However, we can outline that its definitely not possible to use WebDAV
with Evoltion for writing/deleting appointsments if there is no support
for CalDAV in OpenXchange!?

Btw, thats really strange. What happenend to the project started in
October 2005:

I cannot find any result from this project!?



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