On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 14:31 -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-02-07 at 00:47 +0530, Suman Manjunath wrote:
> > to be able to use the MAPI plugin, your Exchange mailbox should be
> > enabled for MAPI. this is a setting on the server. it is a common
> > issue to not have it enabled.
> Curious.  Does that mean that Outlook can talk to an Exchange mailbox
> WITHOUT having it enabled for MAPI?  I would like to know more about
> this.  One putative advantage of using MAPI, to me, would be that the
> corporate IT department wouldn't even know you're using Evolution.  They
> wouldn't have to make ANY changes specifically for Evo users, not even
> to enable OWA (if they didn't have it enabled already).
> So, if there are still Exchange mods that have to be made beyond what's
> needed for Outlook users we should get in front of that I think.
> Cheers!

Agreed.  I thought MAPI is the protocol Outlook uses to communicate with
Exchange.  If this is not the case and there is some other uber-secret
special protocol instead, it would behoove us to figure that one out.

I don't expect my Exchange administrator to make any special
accommodations for me just because I use a different client than


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