chenthill wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-12-16 at 09:56 -0500, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
>> On 12/15/2009 02:46 PM, Chenthill wrote:
>>> Hi fellow hackers!!
>>>     I have been working for a while during last week on one the blockers
>>> in evolution - -
>>> 'Folder and summary mismatch error'(old one -
>>> As a matter of fact
>>> we have been working as a team to get the blockers down. I have not been
>>> able to reproduce the issue or yet find the exact problematic area.
>>>     The mismatch in the frompos index in the folder summary may be caused
>>> by either a threading issue or a crash while storing the indexes. I am
>>> still investigating it to find the real cause.
>> I don't think it's a threading or crash issue.
> Looking through the comments from both the bugs and the fixes that have
> gone through, i had this thought. Any other clues ?

I'd look into the situation where the user expunges a folder.  When the
mbox gets rewritten, maybe the from_offset values aren't updated or
something to reflect the new offset. That's all I can think of at the
moment. I'm sure this avenue has probably been explored before, but
maybe something got missed.

> Thinking about the amount of time this bug has been there for (primarily
> with our mbox implementation) , I thought of making some change which
> could benefit more rather than trying to just fix this. This might not
> be an ideal way to think though :)

Well, either way the bug should be fixed. Switching to Maildir is
arguably a good choice regardless, though.


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