I finally finished converting Camel's error handling code to GError.
CamelException is no more.  I plan to push this later today after a bit
more testing.  It will debut in 2.31.5 along with another libcamel
soname increment.

As boring an announcement as this is, it's actually pretty important in
moving Camel closer to embracing GIO.  To that end, failable disk and
network I/O functions in Camel will now set G_IO_ERRORs [1].  Also, for

Next step is introduce GCancellable into Camel's blocking API.  But
that's a much more disruptive change and I'm not sure if that will land
in time for 3.0, as I need to turn my attention to other higher priority
projects for awhile.

Matthew Barnes

[1] http://library.gnome.org/devel/gio/stable/gio-GIOError.html

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