On Sun, 2010-07-11 at 16:00 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> We seem to be ignoring the <META HTTP-EQUIV...> tag in the HTML itself,
> which is trying to override the Content-Type: header and _is_ correctly
> specifying the character set. 

Hrm. That _is_ actually supported by gtkhtml, but evolution disables
that feature and does the charset conversion _for_ us.

We could perhaps put a dirty hack into em_format_format_text() which
will peek at HTML content and look for the <META HTTP-EQUIV...> tag, but
that's horrid -- it would be nicer if we could intercept the signal that
gtkhtml's htmltokenizer is already sending to itself, and use that as a
trigger to redisplay the mime part in question.

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