On Sat, 2010-07-10 at 19:28 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
> Is there any hope of anyone looking into this?  I'm not even sure if
> it's a gtkhtml bug or an Evo bug at this point, all I know is I'm
> constantly being forced to forward email to my Exchange account and read
> it with Outlook in Crossover Linux, because Evo can't display these
> messages.

yup, I've this in my todo list, since 21/06/2010, but due to other work
I didn't get to it yet. I'm sorry.

> If someone provides a patch I'm happy to test it.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Just to summarize, you've an issue involving
that with a patch the reading is mostly fixed (when message is
refetched, maybe - as I prefer the recent evolution-mapi git master due
to its changes which couldn't be done in gnome-2-30, and recent
openchange svn trunk (or say at least revision 1922) due to its changes
with unicodeness and such, which are not part of openchange 0.9), but
the patch also broke composer.

Is it "only" this or more things left?

        Thanks and bye,

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