I've been working with Thomas to diagnose an imapx problem which turns
out to be a Domino IMAP server bug.

When we fetch a message chunk, the Domino server will lie to us about
the size of a literal that it's about to send us. It tells us a larger
size than it actually sends, so we 'eat' its command completion as if it
were part of the message chunk, then wait for ever for the end of the
literal data and the subsequent completion that's never coming.

My plan for fixing this is:
 - A configuration option for disabling multi-part fetch.

 - Ensure we have a sane timeout on incoming messages, so we time out in
   a reasonable amount of time in the above situation rather than
   hanging for ever.

 - When we *do* time out, look at the last line of the buffer that we
   *did* receive, to see if it looks like a command completion. If it
   does, then pop up an error message which advises the user to try
   disabling the multi-part fetches. Or better still, just *do* it.

This means new strings, which it's already late for, and it means code
changes, which it's damn close for since I haven't actually written them
yet. But still I suspect it's a good idea to get these into 3.0 since we
really want to be able to laugh and point at anyone who is still using
the old IMAP back end in 3.0. It should be deprecated, and IMAP+ should
be the default (is it?).



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