On Sun, 2011-03-20 at 16:39 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote: 
> David assured me the patches are low risk, so I recommended he try for
> 3.0 even though it's last minute, since new translatable strings are a
> tougher sell in stable updates.

Just to follow up, we wound up deferring this to 3.1 for a number of

1) This is a workaround for a broken IMAP server, not a bug in imapx.

2) Due to limitations in CamelProviderConfEntry, David had to word the
   option in reverse of what would be most natural and understandable.

   [I expect to be changing Camel's configuration framework as part of
    my account-mgmt project for 3.2, though I'm not sure exactly how it
    will change yet.  I'll keep this in mind as a use case.]

3) We got push back from the release team, mostly over (2), and decided
   it's not worth a last-minute fight since we too are unhappy with the
   wording of the option.

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