On Sun, 2011-03-20 at 13:37 +0000, David Woodhouse wrote:
> This means new strings, which it's already late for, and it means code
> changes, which it's damn close for since I haven't actually written them
> yet. But still I suspect it's a good idea to get these into 3.0 since we
> really want to be able to laugh and point at anyone who is still using
> the old IMAP back end in 3.0. It should be deprecated, and IMAP+ should
> be the default (is it?).

David and I talked it over on IRC today, so this is just for the record
since no one else was around.

David assured me the patches are low risk, so I recommended he try for
3.0 even though it's last minute, since new translatable strings are a
tougher sell in stable updates.

We'll need to beg the release team for a string and possibly code freeze
break (code freeze for 3.0 is Monday at 23:59 UTC).  It helps if we can
point the release team to a bug with patches so they can read it over
and make a more informed risk assessment.  David said he's on it.

I also had him go ahead an remove the ESoapMessage and ESoapResponse
APIs so they can be reworked.  A soname bump in libedataserver would be
tremendously disruptive right now, and I think the odds of anyone else
using these new APIs already is slim enough that we can get away with
just silently yanking them.  GLib pulled the same stunt recently with
the GApplication API, so there's precedent.

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