For 3.1, I would like to provide a top-level header file for each of the
libraries in E-D-S and deprecate including individual header files.  The
benefits should be clear by now: more flexibility to change or rearrange
header files without breaking the public API.

Valid #include directives for E-D-S libraries will be:

   #include <libebackend/libebackend.h>

   #include <libedataserver/libedataserver.h>

   #include <libedataserverui/libedataserverui.h>

   #include <libebook/libebook.h>

   #include <libecal/libecal.h>

I'm not bothering with the backend libraries just yet.  They're less of
an issue than the client-side libraries.

To enforce this we'll use the same mechanism as in GLib and GTK+, except
for now we'll issue a #warning instead of an #error:

   #warning Including <libecal/e-cal.h> directly is deprecated.
   #warning Please use #include <libecal/libecal.h> instead.

We could also test for an EDS_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES definition which
would issue an #error instead of a #warning.

After maybe a year or two we'll crack down and issue #errors in some
future 3.(odd).1 release.

Any objections?

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