On Tue, 2011-04-05 at 16:31 +0530, Chenthill Palanisamy wrote:
> This would certainly help distributions which want to stay with
> Evolution 2.32 for a while.. My only concern here is, while
> cherry-picking patches how would we take care of the translations and
> documentation ? Are we adhering to the freezes in the gnome-2-32
> branch (am not calling this a latest stable branch) ?
> If the documentation and translations are taken care of, should the
> freezes matter ?

In my opinion, freezes in effect on stable branches are indefinite,
whether the branches are still maintained by upstream or not.  Perhaps a
good rule of thumb to follow here is to only backport patches from newer
*stable* branches like gnome-3-0, never directly from master.

Extended maintenance of older branches was discussed recently at
GNOME.Asia [1].  If you don't think there's consensus on the freeze
issue, it might be worth bringing this up on desktop-devel-list or
distributor-list, as I'm sure the topic is still fresh in people's

[1] http://np237.livejournal.com/31693.html

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