On Friday 08 April 2011 Milan Crha wrote:
> [...] 
> With respect of "fetch on demand", it'll be tricky to achieve, to make
> this done right on each operation which deals with the calendar
> component in a certain way (operations like copy, move, send and so on).
> But there is some API function, probably meant for something like that,
> already, the e_cal_backend_get_attachment_list, used by
> e_cal_get_attachments_for_comp.

If at all we can support attachments in some way, and we want to be ready to 
work offline at any time, we'll have the actual data available as 
CamelMultipart message mime part anyways, so not much gain in trying the more 
complex "fetch on demand" ... as the attachments to Kolab PIM objects reside 
in the same email the actual PIM entry is in (as email attachments). I don't 
think 2.30 IMAPX can fetch just some mime part of an email and leave out 
another (is that even possible with IMAP?), and it is not dictated exactly 
which of the possibly multiple mime parts will be the Kolab XML file carrying 
the calendar data.
  To that end, we presumably cannot take any shortcuts or delay data fetch.



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