Hi David,

On Fri, Apr 08, 2011 at 09:08:28AM +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> You're more than welcome to use git.infradead.org if you want. But even
> if Milan sees the 2.32 branch as being dead and doesn't want to spend
> any of his own time on it (and nobody can blame him for that), I would
> hope that he wouldn't try to obstruct *you* if you feel you need to do
> so.

Well it would be nice to get them *somewhere*, anyway, since it does feel
silly that there are a number of distro's and organizations in the same
situation who are forced to basically do the same work and have no way
to cooperate.  Maybe we can fix something out-of-band from this discussion
then, and leave it as an internal decision for the evo team whether or
not to include them.

> > Then again, now that 3.0 is released I may try again to get something
> > rolled together based on that since there are already a number of api
> > breaks making backports difficult for .32, and it seems there are lots
> > more in the pipe for 3.1.
> Certainly, my point in maintaining fixes for 2.32 was *not* to
> discourage people from upgrading. So if 3.0 is a viable option for you
> then please do go ahead.

I'd certainly like to upgrade if possible to stay relatively current,
but also have implementation constraints about installation size and
compatability with being run from older gnome desktops.  And last time
i tried (about a month pre-release) it didn't pan out so well.


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