On Fri, 2011-09-09 at 10:32 +0200, Patrick Ohly wrote:
> Milan, can you shed some light on why the patch solves #655253? I fail
> to see what e_cal_backend_file_modify_object() has to do with deleting
> one occurrence of a repeatable event.
> If the EXDATE was really necessary to avoid having the original and the
> detached recurrence show up, then IMHO adding the EXDATE only works
> around the real problem. The real problem is more likely to be in the
> matching against RECURRENCE-ID.

sure, the thing why I added it there is that when you move one instance
of a recurring event to another hour, then you are asked whether you
want to change time for all instances or only this instance. Moving only
this instance should create a detached instance, and create an exception
in the master object. Which is exactly what this change does. I chose to
do this in the backed, because it seemed more correct to me, than hunt
for each single place where similar operation is done and add there two
modifications, one for the master object and another for the detached

Note the issue wasn't shown when you did it, but only when you restart
evolution and e-calendar-factory, because the backend sends you the
master object without exceptions and a detached instance.

Do you think there is a better solution for this?

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