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> I encrypt almost all my emails with PGP. This has several significant
> drawbacks:
> 1. Since I generate new private key every year, I need to keep track
> of all of them to be able to decrypt and look at my old emails.
yeah, this is a general problem. General in the sense that MUAs are
particularly bad about maintaining OpenPGP state. But you can't blame
them, really, because GnuPG wants to maintain state and puts itself in
an awkward position.
Anyway, some MUAs (well, I know only one) store the session keys in a
database, s.t. you don't need the private keys anymore.

Evolution could do that, too, along with storing the plaintext of some
encrypted information (which, currently, is only the text of the body,
but some proposals exist to also encrypt the subject and other headers).

>  I don't like this. I want to archive old keys only for emergency
> purposes and have clean PGP keyring.
Well. Another angle is to fix your OpenPGP implementation...
Have you tried disabling your key? GnuPG supports that, but few people

> I think it would be nice to have option or message-filter 'Decrypt
> into (local) folder', where emails are kept decrypted.

Why would you want to keep the encrypted version?


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