> I tried the Evo that comes with Linux Mint 19 and yes it's much better,
> no connection issues after resume but I had a weird problem with my
> Gmail account. Evo kept insisting I use OAuth2 and I couldn't get it to
> stay set to Password, each time I clicked OK, it reverted to OAuth2.

Why did you not want it to use OAuth2? It works perfectly fine with
Evolution and is Google's preferred method - in fact I would say
that Evo is "correct" to insist that you use OAuth2, it is what you
should be doing.

> Even stranger was when I switched back to LM 18.3 (due to other
> unrelated issues) my Gmail account still failed to authenticate even
> though it was set to Password. Had to delete the account and re-make
> it.
That's probably because the authorisation token got revoked.

Are you using the same home filesystem for both versions?  (If so,
things are going to get problematic - the Evolution configuration store
would have been upgraded to the 3.28 version and it isn't backward


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