I had posted this before and didn't get any help (a very perplexing problem
to say the least) but I have found out some more specifics so I'll try
again. I rebuilt the info store  by using exmerge to export all mailboxes to
.pst's, created a new priv.edb, and imported back from the pst's. About half
of the accounts now can't use OWA. They get "failed to get inbox" after
logging in. I thought it was outlook related but that's not it. I found I
could fix the problem by not importing back the "associated folder
messages". Exmerge says the associated folder messages are "used to store
folder rules, views etc." Here is where the problem is, if I don't import
these associated messages back in the accounts that don't work start working
again. Of course these accounts lose all their rules and views and who knows
what else. I would like to be the Hero here instead of a Bum so now my
question is, can anyone elaborate on just what these associated messages
are, or can you point me to a resource. What I want to do is access these
messages programmatically and see if I can do anything with them. Any ideas?
(constructive ones I mean :-)

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