The language of the special folders is actually set by the language of the
first client that logs on to the mailbox.  The easiest way is to delete and
recreate the mailbox and tell the user to log on to the new mailbox with the
correct language Outlook.

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I have a particullar problem due to the historie in our compagny.
All the people in our compagny speak eitehr dutch or french, so in the
beginning of Exchange and Outlook ( 5 years ago), all the people got a
mailbox in dutch or french version.  A few years later they changed the
policy and now all the users get a english version(template). So I have
three different language templates.
Because this gives troubles in outlook, I wood like to change those still in
Dutch or French to English.
What should I do ?
I thought of deleting them completely and creating them again, in full
english version?

Because these users needs their data again, I thought of creating a tempory
where I could transfer all the data of the user ( I don' t like export,
because I need to get rid of the body such as calender, mailbox in, send
items, .... because these are all translated and part of the language
Then delete the user .
And finaly start fresh over with a new mailbox.
When this is ready , I'll copy the old data in this new mailbox.

Is this the way it works , or has anyone better ideas ?

Thanks in advance for help !

Freya Jongkind
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