In Exchange 5.5 on NT 4.  In my test environment, I have created Address
Book Views.  Then I set an anonymous account on the DS Site Configuration.
I also gave the search permission to the service account for the
Organization and gave search permission to Domain Users for the Address Book
Views.  There are two views and the permission is given at the root.  I did
all this in an effort to control which folders of addresses the users would
see when they run Outlook.  It all works fine except for one issue:

When running Outlook and checking the Address Book the entries under "Global
Address List" only include records seen in one of the Address Book Views.
Both address book views are listed below the "Global Address List" and they
show the addresses that would be expected.  I thought that "Global Address
List" would contain all the records that could be seen in the  address
folders shown below it.  Can anybody tell me why "Global Address List" in
Outlook doesn't contain all the addresses shown in the Address Book Views
listed below it?

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