sorry about the multiples. I didn't think they were getting posted. So I
tried an number of different ways. I actually was going to email just you
and ask if this list was updated real time.
I know it is unsecure, but that is really not my choice, I have just
really locked this machine down and it hasn't been patched or upgraded for
over a year, our old senior network admin wasn't a slack but he was really
cautious about patches and security wasn't a company priority. I am moving
towards further securing the server, but that doesn't change the
connectivity issue.
This really shouldn't matter. I thought at first it was a dns problem and
added more dns servers.
Opened the pix wide open, when I watch the syslog, I see all the sessions
establishing and they stay established, but I still get that error.
I can ping by ip or hostname, I can tracert to it without problem. 

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