Scenario:  we are planning to upgrade our existing NT domain w/ Exch 5.5 to
a Win2000 domain.  We have no plans to upgrade to Exch2000 at this time.
The plan is to upgrade the NT domain to 2000, then to use the ADC to connect
the 5.5 directory w/ Active Directory.

The MS white paper about upgrading from 5.5 to 2000
Ensure That At Least One Domain in the Forest Is in Native Mode
At least one of your Active Directory domains must be in native mode. This
requirement allows Exchange 5.5 distribution lists to be mapped to universal
distribution groups and universal security groups in Active Directory. You
will configure the Active Directory Connector (ADC) to replicate
distribution list objects into this native mode domain. The ADC is
hard-coded to create universal distribution groups, but the Exchange
Store.exe process can and will convert these to universal security groups on
an as-needed basis. Universal security groups can only exist in native mode
domains. If these objects exist in a mixed mode domain, the conversion will
fail, an error will be logged, and your public folder permissions will fail.

Now, this paper is actually talking about later upgrading to Exchange 2000,
which I'm not doing.  So my question is, if I'm using the ADC with 5.5, and
my only Win2000 domain is in MIXED mode, will I still break, and if so, how
badly?  If it's only the PF permissions using DL's that are the problem, I'm
not too worried, because it's a small company and there aren't too many
PF's.  I should be able to fix the permissions manually by re-assigning them
using global groups, right?  Or does 5.5 through the ADC use ONLY universal
groups for PF permissions?

Thanks for any help,

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