Good afternoon,

Exchange 5.5 sp4 and Outlook 98.        

When moving mailboxes from one container to another is it true that a
person's profile has to be refreshed by doing a check name after keying in
the mailbox name?

I have been testing this and find that it is true.  We have 1638 mailboxes
to move from one container to another.

We are doing the following: back up the mailbox to a PST, delete the
mailbox, add the mailbox to the correct container, restore the mailbox from
the PST.  Then when trying to sign in we get unable to open default folders.
I thought it might be a timing (synching problem) so I wanted 20 hours and
still get the same error.

Please let me know if you know of an easier way to move these mailboxes.  (I
know Kevin Snook company has mailbox mover but that is one at a time also
and we really haven't got that to work either.)

Happy holidays.


Mike Mitchell
Systems eMAIL Administrator
Alverno Information Services
(317) 532-7800 ext. 6211

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