> Exchange 5.5 sp4 and Outlook 98.     
> When moving mailboxes from one container to another 

There is no way to move mailboxes between containers.

>is it 
> true that a person's profile has to be refreshed by doing a 
> check name after keying in the mailbox name?

When a new mailbox is created it has to be resolved, yes. It does not need
to be resolved by the user though, one could write a script or use a 3rd
party tool to update the profile. There are plenty of other issues beyond
this simple one which are much trickier to solve though.

> I have been testing this and find that it is true.  We have 
> 1638 mailboxes to move from one container to another.

Por que?

> We are doing the following: back up the mailbox to a PST, 
> delete the mailbox, add the mailbox to the correct container, 
> restore the mailbox from the PST.  Then when trying to sign 
> in we get unable to open default folders. I thought it might 
> be a timing (synching problem) so I wanted 20 hours and still 
> get the same error.

Sounds right, it is trying to access a mailbox which no longer exists. It is
trying to access the mailbox based on it's unique ID.

> Please let me know if you know of an easier way to move these 
> mailboxes.  (I know Kevin Snook company has mailbox mover but 
> that is one at a time also and we really haven't got that to 
> work either.)

The easiest way is not to move them. I've found few, if any compelling
reasons to move them in the past.

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