You're an ass.

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Well here's a thought genius - try using a jobsearch site, like, oh I don't
know, how about  Rather than spamming this list with
your pathetic little almost-resume?  Particularly as this list knows what a
jerk you made of yourself with ORB UK.  Complete arrogance and ineptitude in
your behaviour regarding UCE, and yet here you are now spamming several
thousand computer professionals.

Alternatively, please practice "Would you like fries with that?", as that is
probably the best place for you to end up. [1]


[1] And for added giggle value folks, the listed rate of 35 thousand euros,
well that's around 21 thousand pounds sterling, or 31 thousand US dollars.
Pretty much what you could get as a starting manager at some corporate
fast-food joint...

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Hi folks...

Off topic for the list, but what the hell, it's christmas.

Since ORB UK is now closed pending the creation of Horus, that means I'm
out of contract now.

I'm 30, been using MS since before they bought DOS, and I'm a Microsoft
Partner in my own right.

I have experience in Windows from 3.1 to ME, OS/2 and NT from 2.1 to XP,
DOS'en from 3.3 to 7.1, and Linux. I also use BeOS, MacOS X, FreeBSD and
SVR4. My current 'learning experience' is QNX.

I have experience of Sendmail, QMail, Exim, Exchange 5 and 5.5, and
Mailtraq, and have used SPTM, POP3, APOP, ETRN and ODMR.

I've been doing telephone and deskside support for the better end of 4
years, and was part of the support team during the launch of Telewest
SurfUnlimited. I've used and supported ISDN, ADSL, and Cable Modems, as
well as Leased Line, Routed Solutions and Plain Old dial-up. Sad though I
am, I can identify a modem model and a RAS by ear. With Lucent
Portmasters, I can even tell the ComOs release by listening to it.

I'm based in Basingstoke, UK, but don't mind commuting, consulting,
homeworking, Remote Adminning, or even travelling if the price is right.
I'll do Contract or Permanent, and would be looking for 25 per hour for
Contract or 35,000 per annum for permanent.

If you want more info, or a CV, please email [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Many thanks all.

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