> Well here's a thought genius - try using a jobsearch site, like, oh I 
> don't know, how about www.jobsearch.co.uk?  Rather than spamming this
> list with your pathetic little almost-resume?

Well, surprisingly, I like dealing direct, and not fattening the wallets 
of those pimps known as Recruitment Agencies.

> [1] And for added giggle value folks, the listed rate of 35 thousand 
> euros, well that's around 21 thousand pounds sterling, or 31 thousand US 
> dollars. Pretty much what you could get as a starting manager at some
> corporate fast-food joint...

In the US maybe. Thankfully, in the UK, we actually have an idea of our 
worth, and 22,000 sterling (your math is as bad as your manners) is about 
right for what I do. Managers at the Arches start at 12500 here.

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