When I first deployed E2K on a single 2000 server for a customer, I told 
them that this is not the best way but they had no budget for any additional 
servers. Since then they decided to have OWA as their primary client and 
install Verisn SSL all on the same box which also obviously is running as a 
DC. There about 1000 + users and 3/4 will be using OWA. Current server HP 
LPRII with PIII 1ghz, 512MB and a 18GB Raid 5. I am worried about 
performance. Talked them into purchasing at least one another box to off 
load services. My intention was to make the new server a DC controller and 
demote the current E2K to a member server. Also move OWA and SSL on to the 
other box. If so then I would need Enterprise version to enable Front/Back 
end then?   Also they may throw in another 512MB and another processor to 
the original server. Any comments appreciated.

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