Another problem I seem to have every so often with InoculateIT.  After I
apply one of their Signature updates.  I do all required steps to install
the patch.  I stop the services and make sure the RTExch.exe files are all
stopped, then I apply the patch, and restart my services.  Well after a few
hours I notice that my server is pegged at 100% and I look at the Task
Manager and the RTExch.exe's that are running are using alot of cpu.  Am I
doing something wrong.  Is the process just a runaway, or is it actually
doing something.  I have check my event log and there have been no Virus
stops, and my InoculateIT accounts do show any signs of being in use.  I am
running a NT 4.0 server SP6a, with Exchange 5.5 SP4.


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