The Lord High Mucky-Muck at my firm is *finally* acceding to our demands
that she clean up her mailbox.  One of her assistants has been tasked with
going through the 5000 items in her Inbox and filing/deleting them as
appropriate.  For any message that contains an attachment, she is to save
the attachment to a specified share, delete the attachment from the message,
and add text indicating where the attachment was saved.

Unfortunately, whenever the assistant opens an e-mail that has Read Receipts
enabled, the receipt that goes out says that the assistant has opened the
message.  This understandably bothers a lot of the senders, because much of
this mail is confidential.

We've added the manager's Mailbox to the assistant's Exchange profile.  What
I'd really like to do is suppress all Read Receipts for the assistant (so
they could still fire when the manager opens a message), but even a global
Read Receipt suppression would be better than what we have right now.

We're currently running Exch 5.5 but will upgrade to 2K in 3-4 weeks.  The
client is Outlook 2K.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

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