Is there actually a mailbox for the admin account?  You did try an account
that has a real mailbox, right?

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Greetings All,

I have multiple issues I am working on.  Let me first say 
that I have extensive Internet experience behind me, and 
have been working with every mail server under the sun 
over the years.  Exchange however, always has come off 
more complex than it needed to be - but I know that 
Exchange is an incredible solution.  I have limited 
experience with Exchange 5.5, but I am now installing 
Exchange 2000 - and I am experiencing some problems.

I set up a virtual POP3 and SMTP domain for one of our 
customers - and I have POP3 and SMTP working properly.  I 
can use Outlook 2K to access my mailbox - and all works 

BUT when I try to access the mail server using the Web 
Interface, I am having tons of problems.  I keep getting 
access denied, or simply no pages coming up at all.  I 
checked all the IIS settings, and things seem to be 
pointing to the correct directories according to the Docs 
I have been reading up on.  After installing Exchange 2000 
onto my Windows 2000 Server machine, it created a new 
drive called "M" - and that's what IIS refers to for all 
the Virtual Directory stuff.

One example I can provide is the following:  Our server is 
called "Exchange" - so in the browser, I typed in 
http://exchange/exchange/ - then it prompts me for a 
Username and Password - so instinctively, I used the 
Administrator login and password - and it DOESN'T work.  
What the heck am I supposed to use, if the Admin login 
doesn't even work???  This is the first thing that 
indicated to me, that something is terribly wrong.

What things do I need to do or have in place in order to 
get the Web Access to work?  I would love to have some 
additional docs or resources I can look at, that would walk 
me through each and every painful step required to get 
this to work.  And troubleshooting processes to - 

My environment is as follows:  I have a Windows 2000 
Server Domain Controller so that provides all the Active 
Directory stuff.  Then my Exchange 2000 Server is a 
standalone server that "belongs" to the domain.  It's not 
setup as a backup controller or anything like that.

Any information you can pass along to me, would be greatly 

Thanks in advance,


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