Are there any articles out there that explain why there are such
radical changes since Exchange 5.x -> 2000?

For example, maybe all of you can shed some light on 3 questions:

1. In 5.x - part of the install was a performance test of the system
   and all the hard drives - and it would suggest or let you specify
   where the message store and log files should go.

2. Why is Active Directory such a huge component of Exchange 2000

3. Why the heck does most of the data reside on a single drive by
   default?  This question sort of reverts back to question #1 - 
   and it just seems silly for the install process to not want to
   take advantage of multiple volumes, for performance reasons.

4. What's up with this "M" Drive?  I know it's a virtual drive, but
   it's just such an odd way for storing data.  Especially when you
   are trying to view the contents of the M Drive - you can only do
   it inside of Explorer, or Browsing through Folders.  If you try
   to expand the tree inside of the IIS Utility, it gives an error
   of not being able to list all the subdirectories.  It's just plain

Thank you ALL so much for your answers -

Best Regards,


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