> Are there any articles out there that explain why there are 
> such radical changes since Exchange 5.x -> 2000?

Because incremental change in the High Tech industry is a death sentence.

> For example, maybe all of you can shed some light on 3 questions:
> 1. In 5.x - part of the install was a performance test of the system
>    and all the hard drives - and it would suggest or let you specify
>    where the message store and log files should go.

This is a statement, rather than a question and a correct one at that. Not a
radical change... And one would generally hope that an admin knows where the
files ought to do, I routinely changed the performance optimizer suggestions
in 5.5 to what I really wanted them to be. When deploying a large number of
servers, there are tools one can use to automate this process.

> 2. Why is Active Directory such a huge component of Exchange 2000
>    functioning?

Because E2K has no directory of its own.

> 3. Why the heck does most of the data reside on a single drive by
>    default?  This question sort of reverts back to question #1 - 
>    and it just seems silly for the install process to not want to
>    take advantage of multiple volumes, for performance reasons.

Because it does. Would it be nice to have a tool to move everything around
automatically? Sure, but it's hardly the top tool on my personal wish list
for E2K.

> 4. What's up with this "M" Drive?  I know it's a virtual drive, but
>    it's just such an odd way for storing data.  Especially when you
>    are trying to view the contents of the M Drive - you can only do
>    it inside of Explorer, or Browsing through Folders.  If you try
>    to expand the tree inside of the IIS Utility, it gives an error
>    of not being able to list all the subdirectories.  It's just plain
>    weird.

Ignore the M: drive. 99% of the things you can do through it will result in
pain and suffering. Pretend it doesn't exist.

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