"But if you've been able to fool him into asking you for technical advice"

I'm keeping this for the best of 2002!

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Your A+ teacher probably doesn't know, never having seen it in the book.

However, had he ever, ever, even ONCE opened any product with a CRT made in
the last 30 years, he would have seen the "Warning: Stuff in here will KILL
you." label - it's tough to miss.

And yeah, there are user serviceable parts in there; depending on the user.
But if you've been able to fool him into asking you for technical advice, I
would probably suggest he put those child safety plugs in his household
electrical recepticals.

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> I did learn one thing
> 1. I really didnt know that you could get shocked by a
> monitor after its
> unpluged.  My A+ teacher never taught us that I guess thats
> why we never
> really opened a monitor to fix one.
> Now Im going to tell my cousin to fix his own 21 inch dell
> monitor at his
> own risk.
> Oh yeah now I know why its so damn hard to open the damn
> monitor as well.
> lol
> Thanks

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