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Sent: Friday, January 04, 2002 10:30 AM
Subject: A particular email is repeatedly being sent

> I sent an email to someone who is my contacts list one time yesterday
> morning but my Exchange server has since sent that same email to that same
> recipient about 40 times since. I've checked the log files, the event
> viewer, the tracking but I see only the original message. Neither the
> recipient or I have any rules turned on and neither of us has the OOA on.
> We're both using Outlook 2000.
> Using an E2k mailbox server w/ sp2 and a Ex5.5 IMC if that matters and no
> one else has reported this being an issue. The only change to the server
> that we added 2GB of RAM to the mailbox server last night but the email
> started before that time and is still continuing to happen. Any ideas? I
> not see anything in TechNet regarding this issue. Thanks.
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